Wildlife Park – Monte Amiata

Surrounded by the nature, you can run into the wild animals of the park.

The Monte Amiata Wildlife Park occupies the northern slopes of Monte Labro and it extends for almost 200 hectares.

It’s open everyday from 8 a.m. to sunset, except for monday.

It is possible to follow the trails that meander among different areas.

You can see fallow deers, bighorn sheeps, deers and Montecristo goats. A big fence encloses wolves.

There live also lots of donkeys breed “sorcino crociata”, the famous Miccio Amiatino.

Rilevant is the presence of birds, with a particular reminder to the Nibbio Reale, Albanella and Capovaccaio.

There live also a great community of bats.

There is a wonderful view also for young kids.

You are surrounded by a spectacular landscape, characterized by peace and tranquillity.

Peculiar spontaneous flora includes wild orchids.