The Spas Of Amiata

The Amiata is an extinct volcano. In various spots of the territory of Amiata you can take advantage of the benevolence of the mountains by plunging into the warm and healthy waters of the spas.

The spa nearest our hotel is the “Bagni San Filippo” where you will discover the spectacular waterfall called the white whale (Balena Bianca). wherer the thermal currents from a series of pools in which you can bathe in the warms waters. A few meters away you can also find the main pool of the spa and,  with a moderately priced entrance ticket, you can enjoy a fantastic spa water experience.

A short distance away you can find the ancient spa of Bagno Vignoni and on the otherside of the mountain, towards the Maremma, there is the spa Terme di Saturnia, the largest in the area, and in the direction of   Siena there is also the spa Terme di Petriolo.

The following are the distances from the Hotel Le Macinaie:

  • San Filippo 18 Km (there is an hotel discount)
  • Bagno Vignoni 32 Km
  • San Casciano dei Bagni 33 Km (there is an hotel discount)
  • Saturnia 38 Km (there is an hotel discount)
  • Petriolo 42 km

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