Ski School

The Amiata i the perfect place to learn skiing.
Next to Le Macinaie’s Hotel you can find the Ski School.
An ancient school with experienced teachers who are expert with children.

A guarntee for all parents.

Hotel guest have other benefits and special rates for further informationand booking your lesson. Remember to say that you are a guest of Hotel Le Macinaie.

Roberto Fabiani: 331 – 30 16 357,

During your stay or at the check-in, a receptionist will give you our Coupon to deliver to the ski school.

Find Out More about “Monte Amiata Ovest” Ski School

Prices for a single hour

Number of Persons

1 € 35

2 € 40

3 € 45

4 € 50

Group lessons for a minimum of 5 people
2 hours

€ 25

Guests of our hotel have different benefits and special rates.

Watch A Video About Ski School On The Mountain