Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu is practised on the entire body. It is not an invasive treatment and the recipient can relax comfortably. The benefits of Shoatsu at a symptomatic and preventive level are not only the results of  an activity aimed at pathological care, but also of natural process connected to a general improvement in the quality of life.

You must wear comfortable clothing which allows free movement without needing to undress. You  are trated on a specially designed mattress called  “Futon”. Our operators are respected professionals registered with the Italian Association of Professional Shiatsu Operators.

The price of a massage is € 70 and the session last an hour and a quarter.

It is also possible to have a couple massage lasting 35 minutes, costing € 35 per person.

There is also a Special Treatment for pregnant mothers.

Booking is required, and it can be also made through the form of this page.

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