Foot Riflexology

A session of foot Riflexology aims at improving the blood circulation by inducing a better oxygenation of the body tissues, thus favouring a drainage from the body of toxins accumulated from stress and tension.

The state of relaxation obtained during the treatment takes place thanks to the release of endocrines and analgesics naturally produced by our bodies while being trated. We can benefit froma reduction in pain and from rebalance of the whole body, eventually stimulating the individual’s capacity to “self-heal”

In no case is there a need for medical intervention.

The feet are our roots, our support, our point of contact with Mother Earth and her energy, vital points which allow you to move and become synonymous with health and freedom.

A session costs € 50 and lasts for one hour.

Booking is required which can also be made through the form of this page.

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