Travel Cancellation Insurance

Stipulate a travel cancellation policy, here below the insurance company that we suggest you.

We remind you that the policy you stipulate will create an external relationship to the one generated with the hotel reservation.

We invite you to carefully evaluate:

  • Product Details
  • Information Package
  • Policy Conditions

We invite to evaluate the proposed insurance contract with the agencies indicated, it an indication of the possibility of concluding an insurance contract for the cancellation of the trip online. There are other companies that offer this service, easily traceable within the network. The contract you are going to make into is therefore with a third party with respect to our company Le Macinaie srl. We therefore decline any responsibility with regard to any contract entered into and the obligations that are activated by this. With regard to this contract, any future relationship, such as for example, the opening of a claim, must therefore be maintained exclusively with these companies