Skiing on Monte Amiata, at Le Macinaie

Le Macinaie hotel’s facilities:

  • Ski slopes, far 20 mt
  • Ski-lift facilities, far 50 mt
  • Ski School, far 20 mt
  • Rental, far 50 mt.

Skiing on Monte Amiata

Skiing on Monte Amiata has a special charm. Here you can admire the wonderful valleys of medieval villages, while you’re skiing on the snow. 15 km of skiing slopes, 2 chairlifts and 8 skilift, 2 cross country slopes. A really professional ski school and a great number of rentals. A ski destination with a fantastic weather. Never too cold. An ideal place for children. Parents can seat on the sunbed and sunbathe while they’re watching their kids.

To arrange weekly winter stays or simple weekends, this is the perfect place. Not only snow, but also gastronomy, nature and culture. Nearby a fashinating world full of art and history.

Near Le Macinaie Hotel: ski lessons with the teacher Ivan, and Emma e Pietro.

Il maestro Ivan con Emma e Pietro

Monte Amiata’s ski resort

  • Artificial snow Implant
  • 12,5 km of ski slopes
  • 2 chairlifts
  • 8 skilift
  • 2 cross-country slopes ( Implant and ski slopes menagement ISA society – 0577 778237/776356)

Ski School

30 skiing instructors

  • Italian ski school west Monte Amiata, at le Macinaie 0564 959004
  • Italian ski school Monte Amiata, Vetta Monte Amiata 0577 789740

Ski Rental

2 Rental (far 50 mt from the hotel)

  • Grazi Carlo, Prato delle Macinaie 0564 959.005
  • Millo, Prato delle Macinaie 0564 959.008

Look at the prices here:

Artificial Snow Implant

For skiing in Monte Amiata, it has been realize an artificial snow implant.

Given the right weather conditions, it only takes 3 days to set up Prato delle Macinaie ski schools and the Direttissima slope.

Children’s mountain

Monte Amiata is the perfect ski resort for children.

Here, at Prato delle Macinaie, there is the Jolly ski school, a great place to start skiing, ideal for beginners.

Then we have Asso di Fiori ski school, where you can refine the technique.

Here you can find the chairlift that brings you to the Vetta Amiata, where there are the longest slopes.

Ski-Pass Amiata

Different types of subscriptions, perfect for all guests’ needs.

Skiing on Monte Amiata is really affordable, especially with tuesday and thursday discounted passes, or with multi-days tickets.

Look at the prices here:

Excursions with Snowshoes

The Amiata, with his fantastic network of trails, is the perfect place for excursions with snowshoes.

Le Macinaie Hotel make available to all guests everything they need, both for day and night excursion.

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Snow Orienteering

Near Le Macinaie Hotel there is an orienteering area really interesting.

The map has been drawn by a norwegian tracker.

Doing orienteering on snow is an absolute fun.

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Book online your holidays

Besides skiing you have the possibility to attend lots of different experiences on Monte Amiata.

Book them online in complete safety:

Here some ideas:

  • Adventure Park
  • E-bike rental
  • Visit the botanical garden
  • Entry to the Mining Museum
  • Visit to the oil mill
  • Wellness
  • Wine and typical food tasting
  • and much more…

It’s a small enchanted world, with a fascinating aura. A magic wood, the sounds and colors of all the villages that surround the Amiata

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us!

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