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Le Macinaie Restaurant

First Courses

Second Courses

  • 9,00
    Grilled Veal Chop

  • 10,00
    Grilled Sausages

  • 12,00
    Pork Fillet With Apple Sauce

  • 14,00
    Chicken Cacciatore*
  • 14,00
    Boar Stew*

  • 18,00
    Antico Peposo (Typical Tuscan Dish With Veal, Red Wine and Spices)*
  • 20,00
    Sliced Rare Beef
  • 30,00
    Fillet Steak With Lard From “Cusona” and Porcini Mushrooms*

Side Dishes

  • 6,00
    French Fries*
  • 8,00
    Grilled Vegetables

  • 15,00
    Fried Mushrooms*
  • 18,00
    Roasted Porcini Mushrooms*
  • 8,00
    Black Chickpeas of Amiata


  • 8,00
    Dessert Of The Day

Special Menu

The Allergens which are present in our dishes can be requested from our service staff.
You must let us know allergies even if they are NOT on the list as indicated in the Annex III Bis (Directive 2003/89/CE e ss. mm.). All the products present in the Annex III Bis (Direttiva 2003/89/CE e ss. mm.) are used, so there could be traces of the individual allergens in all dishes.

* In case of lack of fresh products these dishes could be made with frozen producs.