Horse Riding Holidays on Monte Amiata

For your horse riding holidays on Monte Amiata in Tuscany, the Hotel Le Macinaie, in collaboration with tha association Slow Horse, offers a great number of proposals.

L’ASD SlowHorse is an association which deals with education, sport, tourist services, coaching and personal growth.

All activities that it carries out with a common denominator: the horse.

The SlowHorse philosophi is that of “Equinosophy”: live according to the horse life, appreciate everything moment by moment and become aware ofour nature and improve interpersonal relationships.

The feeling of wellness that this relationship with this special friend bring in our life, ha something magical; in the last few years, this bond, for many people, represented something special: the opportunity of a growth path, of knoledge and wellness.

With Marco & Slow Horse

On horseback in the beechwood

The SlowHorse proposals take place in the various and charming Amiata territory, called by the inhabitants merely “The Mountain”.

From the Val d’Orcia to the Vetta, from the vineyards to the sinous hills that reach the sea… All this area is accessible on horseback.

“Get lost” in the quiet nature hymns. A roe deer crosses the path, a poiana draws circles up in the sky, while a squirrel and a green woodpecker share the same tree. Feeling in the right place at the right moment, on horseback.

Slow Horse for Kids

Throught the horse, children become without any doubt, small adults, learning responsability and respect.

An interaction that stimulates interpersonal relationships, forge the behavior and allows an open-mindedness to the next. The activities suggested will introduce the child to the horse riding, to the approach to the horse and to the menagement in different lands.

Horseback riding

1. “Dalla contessa innamorata” – 4 Km., 1 hour ca, from “Prato delle Macinaie” to“Prato della Contessa” € 29
2. “Il confine dei boschi” – 7 Km., 2 hours ca, where the beech give way to chestnut trees € 59
3. “La vetta del vulcano” – 10 Km., 3 hours ca, new horizons between the horse ears € 89
4.”Lezione di Base” – Start-up to horseriding, with activities in a equipped park, 55 minutes € 29
5. “Horse Life Coaching” – 1 hour: How to become a horse friend and live happily – individual session € 39

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Many other activities to book

You will have the possibility to take part on many different experiences to live on Monte Amiata.

Book online, in complete safety, on site

Here some ideas:

  • Adventure park
  • E-Bike rental
  • Visit the botanical garden
  • Entry to the Mining Museum
  • Visit the oil Mill
  • Wellness
  • Wine-tasting and tipical products
  • and many others…

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