A tasty vacation in Tuscany

On the one hand the cultural events, on the other hand the extraordinary geographic position, have given rise to an exceptional food and wine tradition. The Amiata and his surroundings are the perfect place for a “tasty” vacation in Tuscany.

Within 25 km we pass through 4 landscapes very different between them.

We start from numerous vineyards that cover the valleys until the villages. They alternate with olive groves that reach 700 mt. Then, we can find chestnut trees that surround the mountain until 1000 Mt; at the end there is the wonderful beechwood that reach the summit.

Wine and oil

This is the Montecucco area, one of the youngest viticultural area in Tuscany. The perfect place for your “tasty” vacation in Tuscany.

This is the Sangiovese “kingdom” that gives rise to excellent wines. Several small agrarian farms that offer wines of great interest.

This is also the habitat of a very particular native olive tree: Seggianese Olivastra. These are beautiful plants that produce a small olive but with a high output. The characteristic of this oil is that of grow at very high altitudes.

Today there is an association that safeguard the authenticity of this production.

Mushrooms and Chestnuts

Further up, the chestnut trees give rise to a high-quality chestnuts production. The most important varieties are: Cecio, Marrone and Bastarda Rossa, and all of them are part of the PGI (protected geographical indication) of Monte Amiata.

Passing through the chestnut grove during the production period has something magical. The incredible colours, the wood’s scents and the wonderful chestnuts that cover the ground.

However, this is also the mushrooms’ “kingdom” that, with different varieties, reach the summit. Without a doubt, the most important variety is the porcino one. In the Amiata we can find 4 different varieties: boletus edulis, a beechwood’s mushroom, boletus aereus, pinucula e reticulatus, that on the contrary we find in the chestnut grove and in the stain.

In addition to these, other varieties: giallarello, cucchi, pinaroli, famigliole… from whom we realize one of the most important local meal: the mushroom’s soup.

Meats and cheeses

The Monte Amiata norcina culture is lost in ancient times. In a small reality as our, lots of artisans give rise to high-level productions. Besides the classic Tuscan ham, there is capocollo, finocchiona, buristo, soppressata, salamelle and other particular tasty products.

This is also the place of the cinta senese: pigs with a white band that are bred in the wild. Productions of great interest.

Then, the tuscan pecorino cheese, with some of the most awarded producers in the world. Different seasoning, different scents and extraordinary tastes.

It is possible to visit farms and do tastings.

Beer, honey and medicinal herbs

For many years now, also the craft beer has proven itself very well. Beer varieties that are based on some of our typical products: Bastarda Rossa and the double Bastarda, beers produced with Monte Amiata PGI chestnuts, crocus with Zafferano’s pistils.

And then Contessa, Cinabro, Drago della Selva… all names that have a particular meaning for the territory.

Several beekeepers work in this area. Obviously, here the chestnut’s honey is the most characteristic production.

Of great interest also medicinal herbs.

The Amiata is an extinct volcano, far 50km from the sea. Particular weather conditions, rich soils… all this gives rise to a wide medical herbs production, that leads to Alcoholic beverages.

Several visits to farms

You have the possibility to attend lots of different experiences on Monte Amiata.

Book them online in complete safety: http://www.bookingamiata.com.

Here some ideas:

  • Adventure Park
  • E-bike rental
  • Visit the botanical garden
  • Entry to the Mining Museum
  • Visit to the oil mill
  • Wellness
  • Wine and typical food tasting
  • and much more…

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